The idea of this personal project came to me while reading an article about productivity. Major topic for any independent or company. The text, written by Bryan Collins, and published in Forbes, tells how to get more things done everyday, in five simple steps. The subject was an opportunity to create an explainer video.



The goal was to illustrate the key points featured in the article in a dynamic yet didactic way.


To be effective, an explainer video must globally follow storytelling rules. To make this happen, re-write the original text to better fit video format was necessary. After having set up a final script, I created a storyboard to define elements to show. This production stage allows to provide an overview of the planned video (crucial for seamless transitions work), and to anticipate any possible issues ahead.

A very specific style, whiteboard like, has been chosen. Items giving the impression of being drawn before our eyes and the scribing reinforce the spectator’s interest, where monochrome look, helps focusing on ideas developed.

Whiteboard 2d character animation loop



Art direction

Motion & sound design

Ping pong motion design
Data animated graph - explainer video

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